Social Security Disability Appeals in Federal Court

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Help for When Your Disability is Denied

At the Pennsylvania Law Offices of Stephen J. Hogg, I understand that there is no amount of money that will make life perfect for a person with a disability. However, it is my goal to at least make life easier for disabled people by helping them get the benefits they need to cover day-to-day costs of living when they’ve already been denied at a hearing and are ready for Federal Court. I work hard to achieve that goal.

At my law firm, you will find a lawyer who can help you regardless of the physical or mental disability that has impacted your life — from back injuries, heart problems and repetitive stress injuries to mental disabilities such as depression and anxiety. You can benefit from my 30-plus years of experience.

You Can Appeal The Denial

When you choose my law firm, your denied disability claim will be reviewed by a skilled Carlisle Social Security Disability denial attorney. I will review your file, look over medical notes from doctors and gauge the strength of the medical evidence.

If I identify any weaknesses in your case, I will educate you about them and attempt to address them. For example, if you still smoke, we will let you know how the judge may look upon that information in a Federal appeal hearing, particularly if your disability is related to or worsened by this habit. I will arm you with information and let you decide how to move forward with your case.

Simply send me your hearing decision and complete file including medical records. If you are running out of time to file a complaint in Federal Court, you may need to ask the Appeals Council for more time.

Preparation for Appeal Is The Key

I believe that preparation is the key to success. Experience has taught me what the Social Security Administration is looking for in these cases and if you are looking to win your appeal in Federal Court, I’m ready to prepare. I take great care to see that I have gathered all of the necessary medical documentation, expert testimony and other details required to make a strong case on your behalf. With thorough preparation, I have established an impressive record of success in getting benefits for people just like you.

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