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Denied Your Social Security Benefits?

You Still Have Options!

If your application for Social Security benefits has been denied, this is not the end of the process. An experienced Pennsylvania lawyer can help. At the Law Offices of Stephen J. Hogg, I will educate you about your options and guide you through the next steps.

You Can Appeal The Denial

When you choose my law firm, your denied disability claim will be reviewed by a skilled Carlisle Social Security Disability denial attorney. I will review your file, look over medical notes from doctors and gauge the strength of the medical evidence.

If I identify any weaknesses in your case, I will educate you about them and attempt to address them. For example, if you still smoke, we will let you know how the judge may look upon that information in an appeal hearing, particularly if your disability is related to or worsened by this habit. I will arm you with information and let you decide how to move forward with your case.

One option is to simply file a new claim. The option I recommend more frequently is to pursue an appeal of the denial. I have established an impressive record of success in Social Security Disability appeals.

The Appeal Process

The appeal process begins with a request for a hearing before an administrative law judge. I will prepare you for the questions the judge may ask you. It is very important that you properly explain to the judge why you can’t work. In these hearings, I will be able to verbally explain the situation and present witness testimony. I will make it clear that you are eligible for the requested benefits. Thanks to my knowledge and skill, it is at this stage that I am most often successful.

Administrative law judges must follow specific guidelines when handling an appeal. If the judge does not follow those guidelines and denies a claim, there may be an opportunity to have the denial overturned by taking the matter to federal court. This is a very complex process, but one in which I have substantial experience and success.

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